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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  June 7, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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"good morning america." a story you don't want to miss. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> thanks for watching. have a gre >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead this scandal rocks d.c. council. we expect to hear from former councilman kwame brown a day after he resigned. >> i'm so happy my mom gets to watch me every day. my brother. >> a big night for local nba start kevin durant. he helped lead the oklahoma city thunder to a spot in the finals. good morning, it's thursday, june 7. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. getting close to the weekend. let's start with traffic and weather as we do every 10 minutes.
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adam caskey is up first. >> almost friday. we are in the belfort furniture weather center tracking temperatures. no showers to speak of. clear skies. temperatures on the cool side again. 57 degrees in leesburg, 52 and fort washington, 56 in arlington. 55 in suitland. 56 in rockville to start the day. we will warm up to about 80 degrees. a few thundershowers possible, nothing stronger or severe, nothing widespread. just a few stray thunderstorms will pop up in the afternoon and evening. that's from 2:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m., with a light breeze. near 90 degrees by sunday. our return to a little humidity by them. >> 95 in virginia northbound, coming out of fredericksburg into stafford, there's lingering road work at 610 but there's
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only one lane blocked. no major delays to report upstream either. a pretty good ride between the 14th street bridge and the beltway on both sides. giving you the green light on 95 between richmond and baltimore. we will take you live to the picture . red headed away from us is southbound on the way to richmond. headlights are headed up to 495 in virginia. now to news. >> our top story a new scandal in the district. another councilman resigning. >> council chair kwame brown stepping down. he announced it last night just hours after he was charged with bank fraud if. d.c.'s second councilman to resign in the past year. tom roussey has. has >> i will have a comment tomorrow. >> although kwame brown is not speaking publicly, in his
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resignation letter he writes, "i have made some very serious mistakes in judgment for which i will take full responsibility." this bank fraud charge comes a month after councilmember harry thomas jr. was sentenced to prison and just weeks after two former campaign staffers to mayor vincent gray pleaded guilty to federal offenses. vincent gray is still under investigation. >> we are like a laughing stock of the country. >> residents are six of the alleged corruption. >> it feels like you have no say of what goes on in your own government. -- we are sick of all the alleged corruption. >> they feel they can do whatever they want. >> we have a process in place. >> council member mary cheh is now acting chair. it is a sad day for mr. brown and for the council and for the people in the district of. >> next, mary cheh is the acting
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chair of the d.c. council for now, but not for long. she plans to call a meeting on wednesday to elect a new interim chairman of the d.c. council. that person will likely serve until november. that is when voters should get their chance to elect a new chairman the. as for kwame brown, he has a court date set for tomorrow. in northwest, tom roussey reporting. >> kwame brown's resignation is the latest in a series of problems in d.c. government. earlier this year former councilman harry thomas jr. was sentenced to prison prison for embezzling city funds intended for a youth soccer program. two campaign aides to d.c. mayor vincent gray pleaded guilty to charges tied to the 2010 mayoral campaign. >> despite the turmoil surrounding brown's resignation it will be business as usual today at the wilson building.
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the panel will look at what the d.c. fire and ems department is doing to reduce overtime cost. >> vote 2012, first lady michelle obama will campaign today in northern virginia. she will meet with obama campaign volunteers from the manassas area. she will be at vfw post 1503 and dale city at 2:45 today. need a ticket to get inside. president obama will campaign in los angeles and las vegas today. mitt romney says that if he is elected, he will place his fortune in a blind trust. he would not know where is money is invested and could not order a purchase or sale of certain holdings. this could insulate him politically from criticism about his wealth as well as possible ethics conflicts. >> turning to sports congratulations to local nba star kevin durant. >> a lot of folks in d.c. happy about this. he is one step closer to winning an nba championship with of the
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oklahoma city thunder. he is a graduate of. montrose of the plate against the spurs last night. the thunder went on to win the game and advanced to the finals 107-99. he celebrated by hugging his mom and his brother. he says he will continue to work hard and thanks his mother for her encouragement. >> we just have to continue, keep believing. my mother has been believing in just since day one. she said that one day we could improve. it's a great feeling for the city as well. >> oklahoma city thunder have some of the best post-game outfits. >> i noticed the broach. but the thunder will take on the winner of the eastern conference finals that. we may find out who that is tonight. the celtics against the heatand the heat.
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>> now to business news. a security breach for members of lindjedin. >> a big rally on wall street. coming off the biggest days of our for the year for the dow jones. the president of the federal reserve bank of atlanta has a program to boost our economy. it is called operation twist. investors like that news. there were reports indicating european union officials are considering a plan to lend money to spain. we have stock-index futures indicating a slightly higher open right now. if you are on linkedin, the website confirms a report that user passwords or compromised in a security breach. it happened as recently as last month. you will know that your account is affected, since your password will stop working. do you feel like most of your
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work e-mail is johunk? just a quarter of your work e- mails is considered essential for work purposes. apple is feeling more heat from samsung. and i will tell you what jobs make you more susceptible to gaining weight, all coming up in the next hour. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. looking at temperatures in the mid 50's for the most part. >> still to come, a successful opening for maryland's largest casino. the line was wrapped around the building to enter the maryland live! casino. we will hear from some customers. >> and our investigation into the d.c.'sd newest speed cameras, how much they have generated this fiscal ye
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>> adam caskey looking at the
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forecast. it's a great morning to walk the dog or go jogging. comfortable outside for early june. so comfortable outside. 58 right now in the district, 50 degrees in culpeper and cumberland. oakland, 48. 57 in hagerstown, 54 in gaithersburg. low humidity for this time of year. a few thundershowers possible from 2:00 p.m. until 9:00, but they will be few and far between. should a shower pop up, it would be later in the game and very brief. 80 degrees today for the high temperature with low humidity and a southwest wind. 83 degrees by tomorrow afternoon and warmer than today. the swimming pool weather for the weekend. lisa baden. >> a good driver roundabout way
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including to and from the wilson bridge, traffic getting out of tysons and bethesda, a clean shot on 270 between father hurley boulevard and 495. looks good from centreville on 66 westbound from vienna all the way to front royal. looks good in alexandria on the beltway and oxon hill, to and from the wilson bridge, off looks good on dale city -- in dale city on 495. and this picture is the beltway. traffic headed away from us is the inner loop. you still have four lanes, but it is 3 to the left and one to the right, around a long-term work zone. we are getting used to it. >> 7 is on your side with an investigation into the speed cameras program in d.c. police unveiled 17 new cameras. our investigation revealed the district has already issued
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nearly 50,000 more speed cameras tickets this fiscal year than in all of last year. that adds up to about $40 million this year. at least one d.c. council member admits making money is the biggest drive behind the speed cameras expansion. >> i would say it's probably more about the money, because it was put in the budget to balance the budgets. if it was for safety purposes, it would probably have been done a different way if. >> 10,000 morning tickets were handed out just over the last month. for the locations of the new speed cameras, log on to our website, 4:42 is the time, 57 degrees. >> taking a gamble on maryland's newest casino. hundreds of folks braving long lines for the chance to get inside. what some of them had to say about it if. >> redskins fans having to tackle new directions, if they want to see the team training. a reaction
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>> a lot of people excited about maryland's newest and largest casino. the maryland live! casino opens last night. as you can see, it attracted big crowds. it is next to arundel mills mall in hanover. this followed years of opposition from residents over potential crime and traffic problems. people we spoke with last night
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are thrilled about the casino. >> i think it's going to be good for maryland to bring in some revenue, even here at the mall it will bring some revenue. this will be a good thing. >> i did not know it would be this large. when you get inside, it explodes. it's gorgeous for. >> it has 3200 slot machines. more will be added between july and october. the casino also has five restaurants. d.c. sports fans crying fall against the redskins after the team announced plans to move training camp down to richmond. >> some folks did not think it would happen. jay korff spoke with some fans will called the move a fumble. >> the backdrop was baseball. the nationals hosting the mets. but a football bombshell dominated conversation around this diamond. this person cannot believe it. >> they cannot do that.
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they are the washington redskins. >> they're moving training camps from aspirin to richmond, a city thrill to host the nfl for seven years starting in 2013. >> they will be embraced by our citizens. it will expand their fan base. >> what about washington? >> in might broaden the fan base, but a lot of people will be disappointed. >> my god. >> they love going to training camp. >> that's not right. richmond is not their home. why would they leave? come back home, redskins. >> the redskins have trained in the number of out of town locations over the years including carlisle, pennsylvania frostburg maryland. next summer, richmond virginia. >> i think that is too far to call them the washington redskins.
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>> some fans are more concerned about victories than where the stteam is training. >> right now they have to win some games. >> mike shanahan is part of the reason the training camp has moved to a different location, because he likes the notion of a team going to an area outside of washington, d.c., where there are fewer distractions. washington redskins headquarters, which is located in ashburn, is not going anywhere. it is staying in loudoun county. datejay korff reporting from the district. >> a lot of folks will be talking about that. 4:48, 56 degrees. >> things taken ugly turn in the pageant world. a contestant in this year's miss usa pageant claims the competition was
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> very good thursday morning to you. nothing on the radar screen. we have clear skies. udc some colors. that's actually the ridgetops entries that the radar is identifying. -- you do see some colors. another crisp morning especially relative to early june. 56 in alexandria.
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leesburg, 52. morningside, 57. la plata, starting today relatively crisp. there will be a few thunderstorms on the radar screen later on today between 2:00 p.m. and 9:00. high temperature of 80 degrees with low humidity. warmer tomorrow, but still comfortable in terms of humidity. back to 90 degrees by sunday and into early next week with increased humidity a little bit. looks dry and through sunday. >> 95 in virginia northbound looks good, one lane block at 6 10 with construction. all lanes should be set free very soon. will take you upstream to 395 and crossing over the 14th street bridge, looks season heading onto the freeway, light volume. the traffic under the 14th street bridge is 395.
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between the pentagon and the airport looks good. the next camera is going to be the american legion bridge, crossing the potomac river nicely on this side of town. to and from reagan national, also in good shape at dulles and debt thurgood marshall. back to you. >> thank you. it's 57 degrees. >> still ahead, backstage drama. miss usa. a contest and claims the whole contest was rigged and
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the simple joy of keepin' it cool. >> competition celebrating beauty has turned ugly. >> the contestant in this year's miss usa pageant claims the contest was rigged. sheena monnin says she is stepping down as miss pennsylvania. vote on our facebook page that and other contestants told her that she saw a list of the top five contenders on sunday morning, hours before the show was broadcast. donald trump runs the pageant and says the charges are completely false. >> she is angry about losing. frankly, in my opinion, she did not deserve to be in the top 15. >> he is now suing bowman for making a false charge. he says the real reason she resigned if she is upset about a
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change in pageant rules that allows transgendered contestants to compete. this year's pageant winner was miss rose island. miss maryland is from potomac the first runner-up,. that, we are looking at 57 degrees. >> still ahead how far some sneaker heads will go to purchase a popular shoe.
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